Incentive Trip Requirements

6th Grade Incentives

Sixth Grade Incentives

Even though homework is not on our criteria for each grading period, we feel that attendance and grades align indirectly with homework.  Please note, teacher discretion may be implemented.

Grading Period 1
Focus - Attendance

  • Student must not miss more than two days of school or 16 periods
  • No OSS or OSR

FOCUS - Homework

  • No more than four ICU referrals per grading period

GRADING PERIOD 4/chicago trip
FOCUS - Attendance, Grades, Behavior, & Homework

EOY Criteria for all grade levels

  • No more than 10 days absent or 80 class periods
  •       Two tardies = One period absent
  •       Excused or unexcused
  • No F's in any core class at the 4th Nine week grading period
  • No more than six after school detentions
  •       Two lunch detentions = One after school detention
  • NO OSR or OSS

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Mission Statement

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Vision Statement

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