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Scholarship Bulletin #7

April 14, 2022

This bulletin is available in the Counseling Office and from Misters Bennett & Richey, the Counseling Office on the Taylor web page, & senior e-mail.  Updates can be found on the “Daily Announcements.” Pick up applications in the CO. Entries marked with an * need to be returned to the CO.

There are three carryovers from the March Bulletin; applications are in the CO:
       *Sellers $600 April 15             
         American Legion (local) $500 April 30 (new date)
        Plummer Nursing $500+ renewable May 15 (new date)

*Gohil Family scholarships of $1,000 will go to three Taylor seniors. Two will be based on academics and extracurricular achievements. The third will include those criteria with need strongly considered. The family established these awards in 2008 in honor of their children Anisha and Ishan and in appreciation of the education they received. Anisha is an asst. professor in pediatric endocrinology at Riley. Ishan graduated in first place at Taylor and St. Joseph College and almost first at IU Medical School. He is now at Community Howard’s office in Greentown. Deadline is April 28 in the GO.

*The Sgt. Brad Atwell scholarship is offered to honor the memory of a brave soldier and great Titan. Brad ’03 gave his life for our country fighting in Afghanistan in 2012. He is the only Taylor grad to lose his life in combat. He is remembered fondly by Mr. Bennett for his citizenship, work ethic and personality. Students must have a “C” avg. Two $500 awards will be given. Last year’s recipients were Truman Howerton, Kendall Lanning, and Nathan Keene. Applications are due in the CO by April 28.

Ball State local alumni are offering a $1,000 scholarship to an incoming freshman, based on academics, activities, and especially need. See the links in the Scholarship box and submit by April 29.

Filip Janitorial is offering a $500 scholarship to a TAYLOR senior. Applicants must have a “B” avg. Since only one person has applied, the deadline has been changed to April 18.

*The Scholarship Committee is offering its own scholarships. It will award $500 grants to three seniors, submitting essays on the topic “My Lifetime Goals.” The writers’ names should only appear on the back page, so that the Committee can review the essays anonymously. (One of the three will be partly based on need; anyone interested in it should also submit a copy of their FAFSA showing family income.) Deadline is the first May Monday in the CO.

Alpha Kappa Alpha offers six different $500 African-American scholarships with up to six recipients. Students may apply for one or up to six. Previous Taylor winners have been Skylar Denman ’10, Tyler Rllisn ’11, Mia Taper ’14, Darius Taper ’16, and Brooke Morris ’19. Go to www.akaopo.com by April 29 or send by email to akaopo1.

City of Firsts Credit Union is offering its $1,000 scholarship to students who have been members since at least Dec. 31 as explained in the November newsletter. Winners have been Tyler Marler ’04 and Shannon Stockdale ’13. Application is due May 5.

Plummer Scholarships (update) are now due May 15. They help students planning to be doctors (including Pre-Med) or Registered Nurses. Go to https://app.smarterselect.com/programs/63426-College-Now-Greater-Cleveland.

Wyman IUK is offering its $500 for a future IUK student who has contributed to community service, due April 30.

IVTC offers two scholarships that are extra worthwhile: IVTC Goodfellows and IVTC Sycamore Recreation. Both are due April 30.

Howard Co. Home Extension Service is offering its $500 scholarship to a past or present 4-H member or the child or grandchild of an Extension Homemaker Club member. The applicant must be accepted at Purdue or in the School of Health & Human Sciences in another Indiana college. Deadline is May 1.

Kokomo Men of Note has a $1,000 music education grant, particularly vocal. A brief letter from Mrs. Decker is required. Highlight of the 2011 and 2015 Awards programs was the Barber Shop Quartet’s musical presentation to Marrissa Tuttle and Heather Street. Deadline is April 30.

The Koontz Scholarship is in memory of Deputy Karl Koontz, who was killed in the line of duty.   The Koontz Scholarship Committee, composed of Sheriff Dept. employees, is looking for students who are and will be involved in the community. One Taylor senior will receive at least $1,000. Recipients have been Jessica Shumaker ’18, Liz Marden ’19,
Madison Estok, ‘21.

*Gohil/IUK is offering four $10,000 scholarships with one of them renewable for three years. The Gohil family has been very generous with scholarship funds since 2008 through the Gohil family scholarships on the other page. Students will need a “B-“ avg., school and community activities, and integrity. Need is not required but may be considered. Students wishing to show need must include the FAFSA page showing family income. The family goal is to help Taylor students have a better life and to help those who come after them. Applications are due April 28.

*The J. Coady Graves Memorial scholarship offers $2,000, renewable at $500/year. Criteria are grades (at least a “C+” avg.) and school activities. Applicants wishing to have need considered must include the FAFSA page with family income. Coady’s brother Dr. Nathan Graves ‘04 and Mrs. April (Mc Nutt) Graves ’02 are offering the scholarship in memory of Coady, who died tragically just before his junior year in 2001. Coady had a joyful spirit and loved Taylor, especially Track and Band. Applications are due April 28.

IVTC grants one $500 scholarship to each high school for full-time students. Cory Doucette ‘07 received this.   There are also several other scholarships for part-time students, free textbooks, etc. on the IVTC web page. For more information, you can go online to www.ivytech.edu/kokomo/financialaid or call the Financial Aid Office 459-0561.

The Indianapolis Black Alumni Council is offering scholarships to students interested in attending one of the Historically Black Colleges. Applicants also need a 2.8 gpa. Deadline is April 30.

Kokomo Morning Musicale is again offering its $600 scholarship to a senior with a strong music background and future music plans. Deadline is May 15.

*Army Reserve Scholar/Athlete is asking for an outstanding Taylor boy and girl to receive a certificate and medallion for accomplishments in sports and academics. Though non-monetary, this is a very nice honor. Last year’s recipients were Logan Barnes & Logan Kimbler. Return to the GO by May 6 for the Scholarship Committee.

Financial Builders (formerly Transmission Builders) Credit Union offers a $1,000 scholarship based on activities (community, school, church), job, need, and grades. (The student does not need to be a member.) Deadline is May 2.

Be checking with your college’s Financial Aid Office, also your church, club, and union!

Mark your calendar! Senior Awards will be Sunday, June 1, 2:00, in the Cafetorium. Forty seniors will receive the Presidential Achievement Award.

Be sure to watch for the Senior Survey. We’ll ask you to list all of your awards, so that we can give you full recognition at Senior Awards Sunday.

Senior Awards will be Sunday, May 15, 2:00, in the Cafetorium. Nearly forty seniors will receive at least the Presidential Achievement Award. Be seated by 1:50 in the front two rows. Bring your extended family!!

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