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Scholarship Bulletin #4
Jan. 15, 2022

This bulletin is available in the Counseling Office, Misters Bennett & Richey, Taylor web page, & senior e-mail. Updates can be found on the “Daily Announcements;” for parents to subscribe to them, see Mrs. Lambert, E 190). Pick up applications in the CO. Entries marked with an * need to be returned to the CO for the Scholarship Committee.

The Peace Essay Scholarship is still available (Jan. 18) from the last bulletin. It is unusual because it does NOT include grades, extra-curricular, etc., etc.—just the essay. See the Scholarship box in the CO.

*Sellers applications are now available. Requirements are: Taylor diploma, citizenship, and “C” avg. Graduates back to ’69 are eligible to apply. Over 1,000 have been granted since 2006. This year’s amount will depend on the Trust’s value and the number of applicants. Our best estimate is $600. Applications are available in the Counseling Office and Supt’s Office, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They need to be returned to the CO by April 15.

Community Foundation of Howard County is offering over twenty local scholarships THS seniors may apply for. This application is a “must” because you file only one application for nearly all the local scholarships.   Be sure to go into detail on the application, so that you will be considered for everything you have an interest in!    The Foundation is the largest source of local scholarships! Last year’s Taylor recipients were: Chris Nierman (renewal), Cook Memorial; Lynzey Butzin & Alison Pemberton, (renewals), Josh Bowman, Nathaniel Keene, Tony Gabriel Memorial; Brooke Morris (renewal), Realtors; Audia Anders (renewal), Thacker; Destiny Booth, (renewal), Tri Kappa; Josh Bowman, Dr. Wideman; Jill Patel, Hough Memorial; Truman Howerton, Knolinski Family; and Truman Howerton, Lilly runner-up.

Deadline is Jan. 31. All college-bound seniors should apply. Some are based on character, some on athletics, some (not all) on need, etc. Don’t forget the financial aid form, transcript, and references. Go to howardclintoncarrollscholars.communityforce.com.   The local form is first on the list. For more info., call Ms. Blankenship @ 454-7298 (4).

A few Foundation scholarships that require separate applications are the Peabody, RACI, Labor Council, and Mike Stegall.   Information on these can be found at the above web site.

Haynes Credit Union—1801 Park Rd. (south of Duke Energy and west of the CC Golf Course) is again offering its three $1,000 scholarships. Criteria are grades, SATs, and activities.   Molly Peterson ’15 was a recipient as was Audia Anders ’19. There are not many applicants. Credit Union membership (free and open to the public) is required at the time of application. Be sure to utilize the application’s offer to include any relevant information, like difficulties you have overcome, need, goals, etc. Applications are due Jan. 21.

Purdue College of Technology (Kokomo) is again offering $500 to $5,000 in 20 scholarships for students with at least a “B” avg. Logan Wade ’08 received $1,500. Last year, several were difficult to fill. Students need a goal statement, transcript, and three recommendations. The main application covers the 11, and there are separate applications for GM and Project Lead the Way.   To apply, go to www.purdue.edu/kokomo, or call 765-455-9339. Deadline is Feb. 1.

*The IHSAA is offering thirteen $2,500 Cato scholarships to students who have participated in one or more of the IHSAA-sanctioned sports. Taylor is allowed one nominee. Students must have a “B’ avg., good sportsmanship, and involvement n school and community. Also, they must be good role models to younger athletes. Interested students should submit a paragraph describing their involvement in Taylor sports, including awards, to the GO by Feb. 1.

The Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution is offering a $500 state scholarship. Students must complete the application and contact Ms. Russell 631-2697 by Jan. 31.  

The national DAR offers a large number of scholarships. If any senior is interested, see Mr. Short or go online at www.dar.org. for the complete list or call the above. Deadline is Feb. 15 online.

PHP is giving scholarships for health-related fields. Go to www.phpni.com by Feb. 23.

Christian athletes are invited to contact www.playingwithpurpose.org by Feb. 1.

Section 529 College Savings Plans offer a great opportunity for families to accumulate college funds and receive tax benefits. Funds are deposited in an account where they grow tax free as long as they are spent for higher education. Indiana offers an additional bonus: Whatever funds are deposited earn a 20% Indiana tax credit. If a family deposits $1,000, they receive an Indiana tax refund of $200. For info., contact any financial advisor, go to www.collegechoiceadvisor529.com or call Mr. Short.

Howard Co. School Employees Credit Union is again giving a $500 scholarship, plus several grants of $250 to its members or their children in the four county school systems. You must be a child of a    member or a member yourself. Criteria are academics, jobs, and school/community. Winners have been Shelby Brown ’13 (three times), Tyler Marler ’14, Mc Kenna Deckard ’15, Isabella Smith & Paige Welsh, ’16 & Sistine Dishon ’18, Audia Anders & Mindy Peterson, ’21. Deadline is Feb. 11. (Sr. applications are in the scholarship box; see me if you need an app. For someone in college.)

Hudson-Holland scholarships are available at IU-B for $6,000/year renewable. Primarily for ethnic students, the program requires a “B” avg, M & V SAT of 1,100, and activities. Need is not considered. Participants are automatically allowed to take small-size Honors classes. Erin Rodriguez, Missy Troyer, Amy Truong, Ashley Nguyen, Alandra Riley-Hobbs, Nick Nguyen, & Brooke Martin have received this. Apply online at www.indiana.edu/~hhsp/ and click “Prospective Students.” Apply for early admission or by Feb. 15.

Taylor scholarship news: The Harland family has donated $100,000 t0 the Community Foundation for several $1,000 scholarships in honor of their daughters. Your parents may remember the Harland’s: Mrs. Harland taught many years at Taylor Elementary; her daughters are Lynn ’79 and Leslie ‘82.

A retired Taylor English teacher has donated $36,000 to increase the Fernung scholarships.

McDonalds is offering scholarships to employees and Hispanics. Contact me for info.

Kudos to Chloe Mc Kay for being named a recipient for the Lilly Scholarship; she will receive full tuition & $900/year at any Indiana private or public college. Alanah Johnson will receive the $1,500 runner-up grant.

Visit–IUK for a tour and a chance to meet students & observe classes. Register 765-455-9217.
Campus Days—Ivy Tech, 765-459-0561 (ext 7252)

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The Taylor School Community mission is to prepare and encourage our students for success in all life’s opportunities through the foundation of TITAN STYLE.

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Working together as the Taylor Learning Community, we will distinguish ourselves as a premiere educational site, ensuring a life of success and continued growth for all of our students.