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Scholarship Bulletin #3                                           November 22, 2021

This bulletin is available from the Counseling Office, Misters Bennett & Richey. Updates can be found on the “Daily Announcements”; for parents to subscribe to them, call Mrs. Lambert (E 190). Pick up applications in the C.O. Entries marked with an * need to be returned to the C.O. for the Scholarship Committee.

21st Century students receive 100% free tuition at any Indiana public college and partial tuition at Indiana private or technical schools. However, different colleges offer more. Univ. of Evansville, St. Mary of the Woods, and Marian College, private colleges, grant full tuition.   IUPUI is offering $2,500 for books and housing. Likewise, ISU is offering an extra $2,000. The very best deal is at IU-Bloomington and Purdue-W. Lafayette: Besides the usual free tuition, you can also receive free books, room, and food! When housing and books are added to tuition, this opportunity is worth $24,000 this year. With usual price increases, it could easily reach $100,000 over the life of your four years of college!

Info. on the above and other “extra” benefits is available online at www.scholars.in.gov. Click “Resources,” “Financial Aid,” and “Scholar Incentives.” For overall info., you can call 888-528-4719 or regional rep. Amy Parraga at 317-617-0223.  

21st Century seniors are required to complete the Scholar Track and carry a B- avg. (6.5 gpa). As in the past, they are required to apply for the FAFSA by April 15.   They need to read their 21st Century newsletters!

Burger King is again planning to award over 2,000 scholarships of $1,000 or much more. BK gives three in Kokomo.  In ’15, all three went to Titans: Taylor Pemberton, Heather Street and Ashley Nguyen! In ’16, they went to Nick Nguyen and Paige Welsh. (A Tri- Central student recently received $50,000). Students do not have to work at BK. (However, there is a separate scholarship for students who are connected to BK.) Criteria are grades, work, school & community activities. Applications must be submitted online by Dec. 15. Go to its web site at:
https://studentscholarships.org/scholarship/10533/burger king scholars program  scholarship.php and click “Burger King Scholars Program.” (Afterwards, the web site also offers more scholarship opportunities.)

Peace Essay Scholarship—The three traditional peace churches—Friends, Mennonite, and Brethren are offering two or three $500 to $700 scholarships to Howard County students. Winners are determined from an essay entitled “Opportunities for Peacemaking in Our Lives.” Students are asked to look for peace within themselves, their families, their schools, their communities, their country, or the world. Grades, SATs, activities, and need are NOT considered. One letter of recommendation is required. Taylor has a great track record with this one: Erin Rodriguez, Danielle Glick, Amy Truong, Ishan Gohil, Hannah Akers, Katie Pendergast, & Marie Owens.   Essays are due Jan. 18.

*Goodfellows is planning to give two $1,000 scholarships at Taylor. Recent previous recipients have been Courtney McKoon, Liz Foesch, Miguel Perez, Hunter Stephens, Abby Keith, Samera Williams, Lauren Connerton, Liz Marden, Rebecca Foesch, Trey Gonzalez, Grace Cavazos, & Madison Estok. Before applying, you must help with the Goodfellows clothing giveaway one night between Dec. 5-9 at Kohls from 6pm to 9pm. You will need to make an appointment with the director John Wiles right away at 765-438-9545. You will receive a signed form after working which you will attach to the scholarship application. Besides the chance to win a scholarship, you will be blessed by the experience! The application and attachments are due in the Counseling Office by Dec. 15.

Next Generation Teacher Scholarships of $7,500/year will be given to 200 prospective Indiana teachers. Applicants must graduate in the top 20% or earn a score of 1190 SAT. You must teach in Indiana for five years. Go to www.learnmoreindiana.org.nextteacher by Nov. 30. This $30,000 grant is the largest teacher scholarship available! Because of its high standards, its recipients will be on the fast track for employment.

IUK-Diversity scholarship is $1,500 renewable. The essay asks future IUK students to discuss their commitment to diversity at IUK, due Dec. 1.

Check with your parents’ employers. For instance, Haynes International and Chrysler give several scholarships, to children of employees. Applications are available in the plants’ HR Departments.

Looking for something to do over vacation?

--Why not complete the FAFSA? You can get information by calling 800-4-Ed-Aid (800-433-3243). You can file online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. To get a head start on your FAFSA and an idea of how much financial aid you will get, go online to www.fafsa4caster.ed.gov. If you need additional help, see Mrs. Marler.

FAFSA Nite at Taylor—Tue., Nov. 30, 6:00 to 7:00, Media Center. Complete your FAFSA with a financial aid expert. Bring your parents, along with their and your 2020 tax returns.

--Get started on the Community Foundation application. Go to www.cfhoward.org and www.howardclintoncarrollscholars.communityforce. Deadline is Jan. 31.

21st Century Scholars or students on free/reduced lunch: If you would like to take the ACT and SAT without charge, see Mrs. Marler.

To visit our local college campus's, call: IUK, 765-455-9217; IVTC, 765-459-0561 (ext 7252), or Kokomo Purdue Polytechnic, 765-456-7804.

TIP: Two Credit Unions   require that applicants have membership BY THE END OF THE YEAR. That means if you decide to apply for their scholarships in 2022 you will be ineligible if you haven’t joined by the end of December! There is no charge to join! There are few applicants, thereby increasing your chances! They are: City of Firsts and Indiana Heartland. City of Firsts, which gives a $1,000 scholarship, is located at 1120 So. Main.   As a community Credit Union, it welcomes anybody who wants to join! Indiana Heartland, which gives two $500 scholarships, is located at 402 So. Berkley Rd. It is limited to families of certain groups, such as St. Joan of Arc and St. Pat’s churches, employees of St. Vincent Hospital, and a few other groups (to check on the smaller groups, call 765-854-3067). These are good opportunities for students who follow the above suggestions!!!

Don’t forget to do some volunteering over the holidays! The Rescue Mission needs people to deliver gift boxes (765-456-3077). The Salvation Army needs bell ringers, sometimes paid (456-3846). CAM can use help organizing toys, clothes, etc. (call Debbie at 765-438-7547).

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765-453-1101 (ext 184)

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