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Scholarship Bulletin #1                                                                                                                

September 24, 2021

This bulletin is available from the Counseling Office, Mr Bennett, Ms Bogue & Ms Evans. You will also receive it by e-mail. Updates can be found on the “Daily Announcements”; to subscribe, contact Mrs. Lambert (ext. 190). Pick up applications in the CO. You will need to send in most of them. Entries marked with an *need to be returned to the CO for the Scholarship Committee.

(Note: Several colleges are offering extremely generous scholarships for students with outstanding grades and SAT scores if they apply for early enrollment.)

IU-B is offering numerous four-year scholarships for students meeting guidelines for SAT scores and GPAs.  Annual, renewable grants range from $1,000 to $8,000. Sergiy Chernetsky, Kenlee Woodard, and Ashley Nguyen received $8,000/year from this program. No scholarship application is necessary…just the regular IU admission application. Priority goes to students who apply for admission by Nov. 1. Go to the web site scholarships.indiana.edu/scholarships.

Purdue gives some of its best scholarships—Trustees ($10,000/yr.) and Presidential ($4,000 to $8,000/yr.) to students admitted by Nov. 1. These are automatic and not based on need. Requirements are outstanding grades and SAT scores. Tyler Barnes ’08 received $5,000/yr. Martin Pendergast ’08 won $10,000/yr.  McKenna Deckard ’15 received $8,000/yr. Visit admissions.purdue.edu.

IUK’s Early Scholars Program date is Nov. 15.

SAT Review
Hack the SAT Math” This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
www.khanacademy.org/test-prep/sat (free)
www.ed2go.com (enter “sat prep”)

SAT Test Dates Register at www.sat.org/register. (If you are in the 21st Century program, see Mrs. Marler for free registration.)
November 6 (WHS) Deadline is October 8.

(Be sure to take right away; your scores may be requested for college admission.)

Free scholarship searches, go to www.fastweb.com or www.scholarships.com or www.tuitionfundingsources.com or Jack Kent Cooke Foundation at www.jkcf.org.

For colleges, majors, and financial aid, go to www.college.gov.

IUK “VIP Day”—tours, refreshments, free app. & more—Oct. 15 Friday, 8:30-12:00. Register at 455-9217.

Purdue Polytechnic “Day in College”—Oct. 1 Friday, 9:00-2:00. (same as above), Register at 456-7804.
This is a chance to check out the new location in the Inventrek Building at 700 E. Firmin.

To see me to discuss scholarships, leave your name with Mrs. Klepinger. I’ll see you next time I’m here.

You can call me at ext. 184 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




  1. Complete all parts of the application for which you are responsible. (Print neatly in black or type.)
  2. If required, attach a check or money order made out to the college for the application fee.
  3. Bring the application form, check, and envelope (if one is furnished) to the Guidance Office and give to Mrs. Marler, G.O. registrar.
  4. Mrs. Marler will complete the required school information and forward to the G. O. Counselor.
  5. Mrs. Marler copies all the materials and records the mailing date and address. She attaches the OFFICIAL transcript and sends everything to the college.

                                           PROCESS A SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

  1. The monthly Scholarship Bulletin is available in the Guidance Office and the Taylor web page www.taylor.k12.in.us (Click High School; click Guidance Office; click Scholarships.) Detailed information and applications are available in the crate in 131.
  2. ACQUIRING THE INFORMATION IS YOUR REPONSIBILITY! Not all scholarships are advertised through school. You should check with your parents’ employment, union, church, and community affiliations. The Internet is an excellent source, such as www.fastweb.com.  One of the best ways to find scholarships/aid is to contact the financial aid office of the college you plan to attend. See Mr. Short.
  3. Check the requirements carefully and make sure you qualify. Typing is required on some and preferred on all. Read all directions and proofread; have someone check your work.
  4. For scholarships requiring a transcript, please see Mrs. Marler in the Guidance Office.
  5. For scholarships requiring nomination to represent Taylor, submit to Mr. Short who will call a meeting of the Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee consists of teachers, ad-ministrators, and Guidance Office. To be safe, get apps. in at least two days before deadlines!
  6. Prepare a basic resume! Use headings like “education,”“extracurricular,” “work experience,” “academic,” “church,” and “community service.” Then, rework the resume to fit the particular scholarship. (For example,   for a public service scholarship, start with and expand on “com-munity service.”)
  7. Be sure to ask permission of your references. It’s not only polite—the individual will be better prepared to give you a good one when contacted! Provide a resume to the recommender.
  8. When requesting a letter of recommendation, allow the writer at least one week. Thank the person sincerely—A good letter takes time to write! Let him/her know the results!
  9. Include everything requested and more! Even if you are not specifically asked to send a transcript,  reference, or resume, send them anyway!        
  10. Keep copies of everything—particularly your autobiography, goals, references, etc. For instance, you will be asked repeatedly for a copy of your FAFSA. You will need them later!
  11. If you do get a scholarship, be sure to see if it is renewable!                                                                                                          GOOD LUCK!      cshort@taylor.k12.in.
Mission Statement

The Taylor School Community mission is to prepare and encourage our students for success in all life’s opportunities through the foundation of TITAN STYLE.

Vision Statement

Working together as the Taylor Learning Community, we will distinguish ourselves as a premiere educational site, ensuring a life of success and continued growth for all of our students.